Why should you hire me to design your Children's clothing collection?

long term expertise

One of the most fun projects during my studies was definitely  designing a children's clothing collection. Years after that, I was able to work on that niche in "real life" a.k.a at a fashion design agency and put all what I had learned into practice. Not only did the job bring me lots of joy and fun but I kept on learning industry and manufacturing details. Soon, the products the team and I had been working on were on the stores in Germany (and around other 20 countries in Europe). For years, creating cute but functional clothing and accessories for babies and kids was my daily work and passion. Not only did we get to design the pieces following the clients' briefs and global market trends but we also prepared the tech packs and the artwork files for production.

first-hand experience

After becoming a mother myself, I started looking at clothes from the other side, from the side of the indirect consumer, because, even if I was not the one wearing them, I had to dress up my babies and later on help them get dressed themselves. It was eye-opening from both a designer AND a "consumer" perspective and it led me to question many current design practices and decisions, to the point where I would think: "The person who designed this has definitely no kids". (I don't mean it in a demeaning way; there are things that look super cute but are either uncomfortable for the children or time/nerves-consuming for their parents).

clear purpose

Motherhood completely changed my mind as a designer in the best way, helped me understood so many issues and made me think of possible solutions. At the same time, it pushed me to help my clients to develop high quality, well thought, children/parents-friendly garments. My goal is to make the lives of young families easier and prettier. It's not about re-inventing the wheel, but to create products that are safe, with good quality materials, good fitting and an esthetic that makes parents want to dress their babies up in those clothes. (Or, a few years later, sooner than you think, when the kids are a bit older and dressed themselves).

full range service

Another factor to consider, is that in these past years I've learned and deepened my knowledge regarding the graphic part of collection development, which, in my opinion, plays a crucial role in children's fashion: repeats patterns, placement prints, embroideries, etc. Which creates a more cohesive look and idea when it all comes from the same hand.

my services adapt to your needs

No matter if you are planning a small line or a comprehensive collection, if you want to offer your clients some evergreen basics or novelty designs, if their style is more minimalist or if they love frills, flaps and details: together we can bring your ideas to life, wow your clients and grow your business. Within the next weeks I'll be posting here some aspects to consider when conceptualizing, planning and developing a children's clothing collection. So stay tuned for more insights!

let's brainstorm!

Each client and project is unique and has their articular needs.

I'll be happy to assist you, so let us talk about it and let me show you some examples of my work!

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