Why should you purchase patterns of my catalogue?

In these last years in which I have deepened my knowledge about pattern design and experimented, I have been designing and releasing different collections. These have not been created following a clients' brief but have emerged from my inspiration and are now part of my licensing catalogue. These collections contain between 5 and 10 designs each and come in various color combinations. In the catalogue, you will also find a large number of solo prints, many of which are floral. The designs can be licensed and applied to any industry: apparel, home decor, stationery, digital good, etc. The catalog is updated monthly or as soon I finish a new collection.


Let me name a few benefits about purchasing patterns of my licensing catalogue:


save time

Gathering inspiration, drawing elements, digitize them, and put them into a repeat is a great process and depending on the kind of pattern, it can take a few hours or sometimes a few days. Luckily, all patterns in the catalogue are already done! I have been doing all the work in the last months and now they are ready to be used. They are all repeating patterns, so they can be directly applied to the product you want.

good value alternative

All the motifs are original, hand-drawn, or hand-painted by me. I don't use stock images. The designs are real evergreens since I'm mostly inspired by nature and traveling and I cover different themes like florals, animals, geometrics, ethnics, etc. If you want something unique but your budget doesn't allow to invest in custom designs, purchasing a pattern from my catalogue is a great alternative!

flexible and adaptable

Another advantage of the catalogue designs is that their use and application is adaptable to any industry. I can send you the files in the color system you need, according to your industry and the final application (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, etc.) If you wish to purchase a design in a specific color palette, I can change it and adapt it to your needs. Also, by offering different types of licenses, you can find the best way to acquire the design according to your business.

vector artwork

Since I mostly work with vectors, the designs can be scaled up or down without losing a high quality resolution. If you want the pattern in a specific scale, I can make it work! It's also easier and faster to recolor.

ready to purchase as fabric and wallpaper

All of the designs in the catalogue are already available for sale at my Spoonflower Shop, where you can choose from more than 20 kinds of fabrics and 3 types of wallpaper. You can also purchase swatches through them. That means that, if you want to manufacture your own products, you don't need to get them printed in hundreds of meters in a mill. The minimum order is a sample swatch (approx. 20 x 20 cm / 8in by 8 in). You can also get bulk discount up to 20 yards (whether you’re ordering 20 different designs or 20 yards of the same design).

let's talk!

Are you ready to wow your clients with unique prints for your products and grow your business?

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