10 basic terms in kidswear development

BOM? MOQ? HSP? AOP? What?!

If fashion lingo is a foreign language to you, here are ten of the most common abbreviations in fashion.

- MOQ: it stands for minimum order quantity. It is the minimum amount of a product a customer must order for the business to be willing to fulfill the order.


- BOM: it stand for bill of materials. It is the section of the tech pack where every material (fabric, trim, button, etc) is listed in order to get that particular item produced.


- HSP: it is the center front length measured from highest point on the shoulders to the bottom hem. It's the main reference point located at the highest point of the shoulder, where the shoulder seam meets the neckline.


-AOP: it stands for all over print. It's nothing else than a fabric printed in repeat, contrary to a placement print, which is only in a particular part of the garment (for example, a print at the chest of a t-shirt)


- GSM: it's simply the weight of the fabric, grams per square meter. It is measured by cutting a circle of fabric out with a special cutter and weighing it on fabric weighing scales. For example, a jersey for baby onesies is mostly 160 gsm and a french terry for training trousers is 280 gsm.


- CMT: Cut, Make, and Trim, or CMT for short, manufacturers cut the fabric, make the clothes as per the design, and trim them with the trimmings. The designs and raw materials are provided by the clients, although a few CMT manufacturers may provide items, such as hangers and boxes.


- FPP: it stands for Full Package Production and in the textile industry that means that the FPP clothing manufacturer takes care of all aspects of garment creation. Including design, grading, pattern creation, fabric manufacturing/sourcing, and everything that follows.


- CAD: it stands for computer-aided design (for creating digital fashion sketches, garment design, artwork, and other elements related to the design of apparel and footwear). Many people refer to CADs as flat sketches.


- DTM: is abbreviated as Dyed to Match. An item (trims) is dyed to match the colour of the fabric used in the garments. DTM (in garments) is a very common term used by apparel buyers and garment suppliers in the garment industry.


- POM: Points of measures are descriptions of each measurement point for the garment within the specification sheet (spec sheet). The Description of each POM has to be precise, standardized, and easily understood by technical, production, and factory teams.

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