#30FlowersInMyStyle Design Challenge - 1st edition 2019

Some time in the middle of 2019, I had this idea about hosting a design challenge over Instagram. It should serve several purposes like practicing my drawing and painting skills, have a schedule, show my work but most important was to connect people and encourage them to show their talent. I decided to go for flowers and picked randomly 30 of them, one for each day. Before launching the challenge, I had less than 400 followers, so I also wanted to get more but also get to know new designers and their work. By the end of the challenge I had almost 500 AND some new creative friends. It was great to wake up every morning and see what other artists -literally- ALL over the world had been creating.

some of the participants

Find more about Cate's work here:

Web: www.ckwheelhouse.studio/ - Instagram: @ckwnewchapter

Find more about Cécile's work here:

Instagram: @cecile.le.picaut

Find more about Ellie's work here:

Instagram: @elbies.studio

Find more about Georgia's work here:

Instagram: @georgiabreezedesigns

Find out more about Helen's work here:

Instagram: @helenpdesign

Find out more about Jained's work here:

Instagram: @jaifordesign

Find more about Julia's work here:

Web: www.juliafonnereaudesign.com/ - Instagram: @juliafonnereaudesign

Find more about Kristina's work here:

Instagram: @mikka.sole

Find more about Rebecca's work here:

Web: www.rebeccaleighdesigns.com - Instagram: @rebecca_leigh_designs

Find more about Saeedeh's work here:

Instagram: @sadiillustration

Find more about Saly's work here:

Instagram: @salehekamalzadeh

Find more about Sarah's work here:

Web: www.sarahcbarnes.com - Instagram: @itsmyownsunshine

my process & artworks

One month in advance, I started drawing, painting and putting the motifs together. They soon became patterns. I couldn't decide if I should post the prints or the patterns so I posted both. Here are some scans of the process:

here is the result: my prints & patterns

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