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30FlowersInMyStyle Pattern Design Challenge - 2021 Edition
Design Challenges · 06. October 2021
Here is a selection of participants for you to meet and finally see the face behind the pattern. Let's meet them!
Design Challenges · 07. October 2020
What a month this last September! What a creative and colorful couple of weeks. Take a look at this map: it was indeed a global design challenge!!! Artists, designers, creative souls from all over the world joined the challenge and showed us their beautiful flower patterns and illustrations. Now it's time to meet the artists behind the art:

Design Challenges · 01. August 2020
Tadaa! It's finally here! The list with the 30 flowers for the Design Challenge in September!! Remember, you can draw, paint, by hand, digitally, collage, whatever makes you happy. There can be other elements in the composition as long as the protagonist is the flower.
Design Challenges · 08. July 2020
Some time in the middle of 2019, I had this idea about hosting a design challenge over Instagram. It should serve several purposes like practicing my drawing and painting skills, have a schedule, show my work but most important was to connect people and encourage them to show their talent. I decided to go for flowers and picked randomly 30 of them, one for each day. Before launching the challenge, I had less than 400 followers, so I also wanted to get more but also get to know new designers and...




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