Behind the Scenes

Creating & Motherhood
Behind the Scenes · 24. November 2021
This blog post will be a bit different. It won't be about techniques, patterns or collections. I am writing this to share my point of view as a mom & designer or designer & mom.
10 of the biggest lessons I learned in 2020
Behind the Scenes · 30. December 2020
When the end of the year arrives, many start making a balance of the year. This year was a surprise for all of us. But in challenging times, there is always a lot of learning and growth. Reviewing this year, here are some of the biggest lessons 2020 taught me.

Step-by-step: our pattern design collaboration process
Behind the Scenes · 21. October 2020
Are you thinking about getting a custom design done for you or your business but you are not sure how it works? Make sure you read this blog post, where I'll walk you through all the process.
Behind the scenes: My studio
Behind the Scenes · 15. July 2020
Today, I'll share with you a look behind the scenes of my studio - This is where the magic happens!




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