DEINKI was born as a multi-space of creative expression that includes the freelance design of clothing, the creation of graphics for children and prints for various uses.


Located in the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany, I am inspired by the nature that surrounds me, travel and multiculturalism.


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"As I child. I grew up among Pantone catalogues and fabric swatches, which were brought home by my dad. He works in the textile industry since I can recall, in the printing department. I loved visiting him at work and walking through those giants buckets with thousands of colors while covering my ears from the noise of the printing machines.


Meanwhile, my mom was always creating something: our clothes, decorations for our bedrooms, she even made the presents for our teachers at school herself. I loved to play with the paint she used to stamp flowers into cushions or dress my dolls with the little clothes she has sewn for them.


So, it was no surprise, I guess, that I too ended up loving colors, patterns, sewing, DESIGNING, creating something to bring joy to others".