About Deinki

 As I child, I grew up among Pantone catalogues and fabric swatches, which were brought home by my dad. He worked in the textile industry since I can recall, in the printing department. I loved visiting him at work and walking through those giants buckets with thousands of colors while covering my ears from the noise of the printing machines.


Meanwhile, my mom was always creating something: our clothes, decorations for our bedrooms. I loved to play with the paint she used to stamp flowers into cushions or dress my dolls with the little clothes she has sewn for them. So, it was no surprise, I guess, that I too ended up loving colors, patterns, sewing, DESIGNING, creating something to bring joy to others.


I started my Fashion Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires and finished it with an exchange program at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, after emigrating from Argentina to Germany. Shortly after that, I began working at a Design Agency in Hamburg, where I was able to engage with many different niches and clients and their particular needs.  


Some years later, I decided to start this new challenge on my own and support others with my skills, my knowledge and... my passion for fashion and design!  DEINKI was born as a space of creative expression that includes the freelance fashion design for companies and the creation of patterns and prints for different industries such as fashion, textiles, home interiors, stationery, packaging, etc. 


You can learn more about my way in the fashion and textile industry here.

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