About Deinki STUDIO



Lucia Sanguinetti-Jonescheit, owner of Deinki Studio, is an accomplished fashion and surface pattern designer based in Germany. With over 15 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry, she licenses her patterns worldwide and works as a remote freelance designer for various clients, brands, and textile studios.


Her prints and patterns are a delightful blend of color, whimsy, playfulness, and sophistication. Inspired by nature, dreams, and memories, Lucia employs a mix of analog and digital tools to create her captivating work.


With a focus on industries such as fashion, textiles, home interiors, stationery, packaging, and more, she dedicates herself to creating exceptional patterns and prints. Explore her portfolio and let Lucia's creativity and expertise elevate your brand.


Childhood Inspiration, Creative Journey and the Birth of Deinki Studio

"Surrounded by Pantone catalogs and fabric swatches from my dad's work in the textile industry, my love of color and pattern was nurtured from an early age. Exploring the printing department, I marveled at the giant buckets filled with thousands of vibrant hues while covering my ears from the roar of the printing machines.


My mom, a constant creator, instilled in me a passion for crafting. Whether stamping flowers on pillows or sewing tiny dresses for my dolls, she nurtured my joy in designing and bringing happiness to others.


This natural inclination led me to study fashion design at the University of Buenos Aires. After emigrating from Argentina to Germany, I enriched my studies through an exchange program at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Shortly after, I embarked on a career at a design agency in Hamburg, where I had the opportunity to work with different niches and clients, each with their own unique needs.


Driven by my expertise, knowledge and a deep love for pattern and design, I finally took on a new challenge - to start my own business. Thus, Deinki Studio was born, offering specialized and distinctive prints to clients worldwide.


DEINKI is a play on the German words "Dein Kind" and "your child". As a mother of two, my mission is to brighten the lives of young families by creating beautiful spaces and products that inspire and cultivate joy and creativity.


Join me on this exciting journey as I use my skills and passion to help you bring your creative visions to life. Together we can add a touch of uniqueness and beauty to your products through Deinki Studio's comprehensive design services."

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