After taking several courses to deepen and expand my knowledge in the matter, I've learned not only how to make the different kinds of compositions but also how to develop attractive and cohesive artwork that can be applied to all kinds of products.
All the elements I use are either hand-drawn or painted and then digitized to be transformed into a pattern. It can become a seamless repeating pattern or a placed print for certain objects. Patterns and prints can be set up for digital or for traditional printing with color separation.
No matter if you are an Art Director, a brand or a small start-up, I have plenty of experience working with different clients and niches and their needs.
If you would like to see my collections, please contact me to access my full portfolio. You can also make an appointment here for a non-binding consultation call.





Are you looking for colorful and playful patterns and prints for your products? My pattern collections and prints are suitable for different industries such as fashion, textiles, home interiors, stationery, etc.


You can take a look at some of my existing artworks here or on Instagram. You can also contact me to request special access to my complete portfolio. I'll send you a special link and a password to access my whole work compilation!


No matter if exclusive or non-exclusive, I offer different kinds of licenses according to your needs.


I studied Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires. After working in the fashion industry for longer than a decade,

I'd love to assist you with the following tasks:


Trend Research | Moodboards

Color cards |Work with Pantone

Collection Conception, Planning and Development

Great experience in Baby & Kidswear

Women- & Menswear



CAD Drawings |Flat Sketches

Constructive Details

Tech Packs for Production

Tech Specifications

Inner views

Embroideries & Badges description


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