Surface Pattern Design

Surface Pattern Design · 25. November 2020
In this post, I'll be showing you 5 of the most common effects for placed prints, mostly for textile application.
Surface Pattern Design · 18. November 2020
Let me show you how prints and embroideries can complete your collection with an example: a Baby Clothing Collection.

Surface Pattern Design · 11. November 2020
What makes a pattern collection look cohesive? Let me tell you about the aspects that need to be considered when creating a pattern collection.
Surface Pattern Design · 04. November 2020
In this blog post, I will show you my process for creating a pattern from a print taking one of my latest and favorites pattern as an example:

Surface Pattern Design · 16. September 2020
Working for a design agency for years allowed me not only to design and work on clothing but also on the designs of their textiles. I've been always looking for ways to expand my knowledge so there was a point when I dove really deep into the surface pattern design field. I have taken countless courses and classes on the subject, on different types of designs, on creating collections; I have been practicing and improving my technique more and more. In the last years I have been making...
Surface Pattern Design · 09. September 2020
Let me show you the most common kinds of patterns out there. We can group them by various aspects, I chose three different approaches: Patterns by types of composition, by style and by complexity.

Surface Pattern Design · 02. September 2020
Coming from a fashion design background makes working in collections something easier and like "the normal thing to do". But what is a collection? It is mostly story-telling through a group of patterns. Sounds easy, right? But actually, it is not always that simple. First of all, because, each piece has its role in the collection and it should be able to stand alone while also working harmoniously with the other patterns. It should have its uniqueness but still be cohesive.


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