Frequently asked questions


What does DEINKI mean?
DEINKI is a made-up word. It came to my mind when I decided to start my studio and be able to work from home, so I can be more present for my children. DEINKI comes from dein Kind, which is German for “your child”. Not only it’s the reason why I started all this, for my children, but I also design for children, so… it made sense!

Where are you based?
I’m originally from Argentina, but I’m based near Hamburg, Germany. We can communicate fluently in English, Spanish or German.

What are your business hours?
You’ll find me in my studio from Monday to Fridays, from 9AM to 2PM (Central Europe time). If this doesn’t match your schedule or your time zone, make sure you get in touch with me so we can find a suitable time for both to meet. Here is a practical time zone converter.

What are your qualifications?

I’ve successfully completed a degree in Fashion Design at the University from Buenos Aires plus an exchange semester at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, Germany.
In terms of textile design, I’ve taken more than 50 different online classes from industry referents such as Bonnie Christine, Shannon McNab, Elizabeth Olwen, Mel Armstrong, Maja Faber, Ohn Mar Win, Nerida Hansen, etc.

How can I contact you?
The easiest way is to send me an e-mail at Besides you can use my contact form or send me a DM on Instagram. If you want us to have a chat, feel free to make an appointment for a video call.

I don’t live in Europe, can we still work together?
Absolutely, most of my clients are based in different parts of the world: Canada, USA, Egypt, Netherlands, UK, Argentina, Singapore, etc. Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to stay in touch and work perfectly well remotely.

I want to feature/ interview you, what should I do?
I’d love that! Let’s talk! Send me an e-mail at

Do you offer consultation services?
Yes, I do. I offer a so-called “Pick-My-Brain-Session”, where you can ask me anything you want regarding the fashion and textile industry. This service is for those who would like my advice regarding a project they have in mind but need to clear some things out before moving on. I also offer those kind of consultation calls for fellow artists and designers, who want to get personalized advice from me.


What is licensing and how does it work?

Think about it as a sort of leasing. You rent my artwork to use on your products for a defined amount of time in exchange for a fee. Al the specifics and terms about the license such as territory, product category, duration, fees, etc are mentioned on a license agreement signed by both parties.

What is the difference between an exclusive and a non-exclusive license?
A non-exclusive license is a license that can be purchased by you or by anyone, no matter the product or market for a determined period of time.
An exclusive license is one in which the design is unique to you. You have proprietary rights to use the design on any product and in any market, but you do not own the copyrights. With an exclusive license, there are different levels of exclusivity. The highest level is exclusive in perpetuity. The continuity allows you to be the only one to ever use that design for an unlimited amount of time.
The next level is exclusive to your specific market or product. This type of exclusivity enables the buyer to be the only person or company to use the pattern in a particular market or type of product.
Another option is exclusivity with a specific time frame. The timing could be as specific as a set number of years or as vague as the product’s life cycle.

Do you offer Buy-outs?
Yes, I do. Full Buy-outs (this is ideal if you want to own the artwork forever and for every product category there is, you can change it, tweak it, etc.) or category-buyouts (a more budget-friendly alternative if you need the artwork exclusively for just one product category e.g. kids fashion, paper goods, etc)

What are your prices?
Every project is unique and has its own challenges and particularities so it’s hard to state a universal rate for all of them. You can get an estimate here, no strings attached!

What are your deliverables?
For limited licenses, exclusive and non-exclusive, the deliverable is a flat high-res JPG of the repeating tile.
For Buy-outs, the deliverable is a layered AI file of the repeating tile.

Do you offer extra services?
Yes, color separation, work with PANTONE, scale adjustments, color adjustments, artwork sheet setup, extra colorways, etc. Contact me if you are in need of these services for the prints.

Are color changes possible?
Yes, they are. If you like one of my prints but the colors don’t match with the colors of your products don’t worry, we can make that happen! The work is charged by the hour at 55€/hr (apart from the price of the license).

Do you work with Startups?
Yes, I love to work with start-ups and help them bring their vision to life! Contact me to discuss your artwork needs.

Why should I buy a license from you if I can find nice patterns in Patternbank or Creative Market for a portion of the price?
By all means, if you find something you like there go and get it. Like everyone else would. I like to work with brands and clients that are aligned with my core values such as creativity, originality, sustainability. My clients see the worth of my work and love to invest in something unique and special.

Are the prints in repeat?
Yes, all seamless patterns are already in repeat.

Can I apply your prints to any kind of product?
Absolutely! From fabrics to paper, all the way to decor objects and stationery. Let’s meet and talk about your project!

Are the prints in vector or pixel?
I’d say 99% of my prints are in vector, which is a huge advantage in terms of color and size customization.

What are your payment methods?
My most common payment methods are PayPal or Wise and bank transfer. Important!: Transaction fees will be the responsibility of the customer.



What is considered a custom design?
A custom design is everything made specially for that one client, according to their briefing, their concept, sometimes even their logo! It's creating something from scratch for that special client.

What is the process like if I want to commission you a design?
I have a great blog explaining the process. Read about it here.

What is the cost?
Every project is unique and has its own challenges and particularities so that it’s hard to state a universal rate for all of them. You can get an estimate here, no strings attached!

Why is the price of a custom-made print higher than your ready-to-use prints?
Even if the design process is very similar, designing a custom print requires much more effort, research, meetings, sketches, revisions, color exploration, etc. resulting in the perfect print for your brand or project.

Do you work with textile studios?
Absolutely! At the moment, I’m part of the White Buffalo Studio consignment team and I’m open to working on new and exciting opportunities with other textile studios too.

Do you work as a freelance on a retainer basis?
Yes! I’d love to help you and your company when you need it the most. Send me an e-mail at and let’s talk about it!

Do you work in-house?
I’m based in the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany and I work best from my fully equipped home studio. I’m open to going in-house for a weekly meeting or a presentation, but the majority of the work is executed remotely.

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