Freelance Fashion Design

Development of Baby & Kids Fashion collections

Let's plan the perfect clothing and accessories collection for your customers! We'll set the colors and materials and I'll take care of the flat sketches, the CAD drawings as well as the preparation of the tech packs for the production. These are my main tasks:

trends and research

Knowing what's new out there, what's coming, new and interesting details you can offer to your clients can only benefit the development of the collection and help you grow your business.

collection development

Let me guide you through the process of creating the perfect collection for your clients. Years of experience with the niche, dealing with manufacturers and buyers, an eye for esthetics and trends, as well as a lot of personal and first hand experience will allow me to develop quality garments and make a difference for your brand.

flats & tech packs

Flat sketches and Tech Packs are vital in the manufacturing phase of the collection. I can help you with CAD Drawings, Tech Packs, Inner views, Artwork description, and more.


Remember that in these past years I've learned and deepened my knowledge regarding the graphic part of collection development, which, in my opinion, plays a crucial role in children's fashion: repeats patterns, placement prints, embroideries, etc. Which creates a more cohesive look and idea when it all comes from the same hand.

Work examples

Why working with me?

long term expertise

For years, creating cute but functional clothing and accessories for babies and kids has been my daily work and passion. Not only did I get to design the pieces following the clients' briefs and global market trends but we also prepared the tech packs and the artwork files for production.

first hand experience

Motherhood pushed me to help my clients develop high quality, well thought, children/parents-friendly garments. My goal is to make the lives of young families easier and prettier. It's not about re-inventing the wheel, but to create products that are safe, with good quality materials, good fitting, and an image that makes parents want to dress their babies up in those clothes.

FLEXIBLE services

No matter if you are planning a small line or a comprehensive collection, if you want to offer your clients some evergreen basics or novelty designs, if their style is more minimalist or if they love details: together we can bring your ideas to life, wow your clients and grow your business.

Let's brainstorm

Each client and project is unique and has its particular needs.

I'll be happy to assist you, so let us talk about it and let me show you some examples of my work!




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