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 Are you looking for colorful and playful patterns and prints for your products?
 My pattern collections and prints are suitable for different industries such as fashion, textiles, home interiors, stationery, etc.
 No matter if exclusive or non-exclusive, I offer different kinds of licenses according to your needs.

What is this about?

In these last years in which I have deepened my knowledge about pattern design and experimented, I have been designing and releasing different collections. These have not been created following a clients' brief but have emerged from my inspiration and are now part of my licensing catalog. These collections contain between 5 and 10 designs each and come in various color combinations. In the catalog, you will also find a large number of solo prints, many of which are floral. The designs can be licensed and applied to any industry: apparel, home decor, stationery, digital good, etc.

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