Surface Pattern Design

Custom prints & patterns for your project

Elevate your products with a custom-made pattern.

I offer original hand-drawn motifs as well as all different types of pattern compositions.

Color separation for screen printing and multiple colorways are possible.

Do you also need matching placed prints? I'm here for you!


Are you looking for a special print for your women's apparel line? Novelty, Florals, Ethnics, Geometrics, and more...

Babies & Children

Prints and patterns play a crucial role in children's products: repeats patterns, placement prints, embroideries, etc.

Home Decor

Make your home decor collection stand out from the crowd with some exclusive prints and patterns.

How I can help YOU

add value to your product

A custom pattern is the perfect way to tell your story, to send a message, provoke a certain feeling. We can either work with your concept and brief or we can create one together, according to the trends or your wishes. We can also work with your colors or create a new color palette together. Even if I have my own style, I can recreate other techniques to enhance your message.

industry knowledge

Coming from the field of fashion design, I have not only all the technical know-how about printing, the techniques, the uses, but through the different courses I have done, I am able to design the different types of pattern and avoid the "typical mistakes" when making them. In addition, I can prepare the files to go directly to production and work with the right color system.

my passion

As I child, I grew up among Pantone catalogues and fabric swatches, which were brought home by my dad. I loved visiting him at work and walking through those giants buckets with thousands of colors. So it's no surprise that creating beautiful patterns became my passion! I get to spend my days drawing, painting, digitizing and creating interesting patterns for my clients!

Answers to your questions

What is considered a custom design?

A custom design is everything made specially for that one client, according to their briefing, their concept, sometimes even their logo! It's creating something from scratch for that special client.


What is the process like if I want to commission you a design?

I have a great blog explaining the process. Read about it here.


What is the cost?

Every project is unique and has its own challenges and particularities so that it’s hard to state a universal rate for all of them. You can get an estimate here, no strings attached!


Why is the price of a custom-made print higher than your ready-to-use prints?

Even if the design process is very similar, designing a custom print requires much more effort, research, meetings, sketches, revisions, color exploration, etc. resulting in the perfect print for your brand or project.


Do you work with textile studios?

Absolutely! At the moment, I’m part of the White Buffalo Studio consignment team and I’m open to working on new and exciting opportunities with other textile studios too.


Do you work as a freelance on a retainer basis?

Yes! I’d love to help you and your company when you need it the most. Send me an e-mail at and let’s talk about it!


Do you work in-house?

I’m based in the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany and I work best from my fully equipped home studio. I’m open to going in-house for a weekly meeting or a presentation, but the majority of the work is executed remotely.

Let's brainstorm!

Each client and project is unique and has their articular needs.

I'll be happy to assist you, so let us talk about it and let me show you some examples of my work!




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